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  Butch Miles - Fundraiser Campaign
Butch was diagnosed the first week of March with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which has no treatment other than a transplant.  After a lot of evaluation and testing, Butch was accepted as a candidate for a lung transplant at the Methodist Hospital at the Houston Medical Center.  Due to critical timing Butch and Linda took up temporary residency in Houston yesterday (July 18, 2014) awaiting a call from the transplant team.  The total time waiting for a transplant donor and the post transplant care could be upwards of twelve months.  Because of their loss of income and added living expenses, we are part of a group of concerned friends that are involved to raise funds to help them offset these additional expenses.

In addition to setting up this avenue of contribution through the AJS website, we will be coordinating some fundraising concerts and exploring other avenues to raise funds.

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to help Butch and Linda and revisit the website for periodic updates on both the upcoming concerts and our progress.

Thank you.


Austin Jazz Society
Board of Directors

Alternatively, you can send a check made out to Austin Jazz Society - Butch Miles Fund

Austin Jazz Society
P.O Box 42113
Austin, TX 78704
Butch Miles Update! Butch has a new lung!

Monday afternoon (7/ 28) about 3:00 pm Butch and Linda got “the call” from the lung transplant team. He was admitted about 4:00 pm, headed for the O.R. at 10:00 pm and came out of the O.R. at 3:00 am Tuesday morning (7/29) with a new lung. Butch did great throughout the operation and while he still in ICU, he is making wonderful progress and will most likely be moved out the ICU today (8/1).

Butch and Linda want to “thank EVERYONE for your love, support and prayers”.


Butch is making great progress was released from the hospital Monday, August 11.  He and Linda have secured an apartment close to the hospital where he will be undergoing ongoing treatment, testing and rehabilitation for several months.

New Address:  7777 Greenbriar Drive
                          Apartment # 1031
                          Houston, TX 77030

He is on track to return to teaching and playing sometime after the first of the new year.


Butch had a great report from his first major evaluation after being released from the hospital.  He is making terrific progress.  A picture is worth a thousand words!


Fundraiser at the Elephant Room was a great success.  We want to the thank the Elephant Room for providing the venue and their contribution and to all the musicians and donors that helped us raise $1,921.


The Fundraiser last night at the Spicewood Vineyard was outstanding.  It was well attended and we raised $9,000.  We want to thank Ron Yates for donating the venue and Opies BBQ for providing food for the musicians.  We had 25 local musicians who volunteered their time and talent along with Bill Watrous who flew in from L. A. to support his good friend, Butch.

Fundraiser Update!  


Contributions to date (9-30-14): $ 35,707

Goal: $ 24,000

Thank You for helping us exceed the goal!