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Project Safety Net

Let’s help our most vulnerable jazz musicians get through this!

The current Corona Virus Pandemic is affecting everyone, but for those Austin area Jazz Musicians without a safety net and totally dependent on gig income for their livelihood, it is a time of despair and high anxiety.

The Austin Jazz Society was initiated to promote live jazz and support Austin area jazz musicians. 

It is time for jazz fans to chip in and assist local jazz musicians through this period of lost income to help meet their most basic needs (food, shelter, medical) until other forms of assistance can be secured or sufficient income is restored.

The Austin Jazz Society has donated $5,000 to kick off “Project Safety Net” and will be providing coordination of the following activities.

          1.Communication plan
          2.Selection criteria and application processing
          3.Fundraising and accounting
          4.Organization of a special “Project Safety Net” committee to assist in various tasks                    to successfully execute this project.

While no one knows how long this “Safety Net” will be needed, we have established an revised goal to raise $100,000. We have identified 100+ potential high need candidates who could greatly benefit from our assistance. The committee has established an application process and has reached out to individuals to apply. We are vetting the candidates and establishing priority for distribution of the funds collected. 

As of 5-6-21, 110+ individuals have received  benefits!

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution 
to this very important project by clicking here:

Or sending a check to:
Austin Jazz Society
Memo: Project Safety Net
P.O. Box 170141
Austin, TX 78717

Thank You for Your Support

"Project Safety Net" - Fundraising Campaign
We would like to express our appreciation and thanks to the sponsors of the live streaming performances

Stream 45, 5-4-21 
Terrence Bowness
Michael Dodson
Paul Evans 
Katherine Oldmixon Garza
Jeffrey Simpler
Linda Swaynos
Mitchell Tucker
Susan Somers-Willet
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

As of 5/6/21 we have received contributions totaling $124,000+
which have been distributed to 110+ individual jazz musicians.
Thank you to all who donated ... keep them coming!