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Helping Local Jazz

In March of 2020, it was evident the COVID-19 Pandemic would be devastating to many of the local Austin jazz musicians who lost significant gig income. The Austin Jazz Society formed a committee to launch a fundraising campaign to help the most vulnerable musicians. AJS seeded the fund with $5,000 and the Austin area jazz community responded. Grants started flowing in early April. In late May, AJS teamed up with Monks Jazz to start a weekly streaming series.

Once again, the community responded with faithful viewers and donors allowing the musicians to be paid and the PSN fund to grow to help other musicians needing assistance.

Through June of 2021, this project has raised $144,000+ benefiting over 110 individual local jazz musicians.

Project Safety Net will remain a significant ongoing initiative of the society to help support local jazz musicians in need.

Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to this worthy cause.






Phone: (512) 327-JAZZ (5299)

Address: P.O. Box 170141

Austin, TX 78717

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